Magento: Reinstall and Upgrade Modules

Have you ever created a Magento module but realised that you left out an important column from your database design? What happens when your module gains new features and you need to modify the database structure to make it work? Magento has a very elegant, simple and powerful way of answering these questions but it can be hard understand at first

Magento: Store Basics

Magento is a great platform for store owners and developers alike. As developers we often forget how lost a store owner can struggle with the vast Magento backend. Here we've collected some useful articles for getting your way around your new online store.

Magento: Easily extract module from site

A single Magento module can span across a wide directory structure. Here's a quick tip to easily gather up and archive a module.

Magento: Adding static block in template file (.phtml)

This is a commonly searched for request, as it's frowned upon we will still give you the code to achieve your goal.

Magento: Understanding the directory structure

The Magento directory structure can be vast and confusing to a newcomer. I myself remember spending a good portion of my time looking through the directory structure for the files I needed in my first weeks with Magento. Not only can it be hard to find the file you're looking for, it can be just as hard to figure out which file you should be looking for. Don't worry, after reading this tutorial you'll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to find anything in Magento.

How To: Use CMDcentral's Adman module

CMDcentral's clients make use of our inhouse Adman Magento module to manage advertising banners. This guide is for those that already have the module installed on their store and want to take full advantage of all it's features.

How To: Enable Product Flashsales

A simple guide explaining how to enable Product Flashsales on your CMDcentral Magento shop. This feature is available to our clients on request. Please contact us for details.

Magento: How to extend a Core Controller

Magento has a very modular design which usually allows for customisation without overriding core files, but there will come a time in most Magento developer's lives when extending or changing core functionality becomes neccessary. One of the things you will have learnt early on while working with Magento is that core files must never be modified directly. Simply changing code in the core directory will prevent you from upgrading and can cause many other issues. Today we will show you how to modify Magento core functionality the right way through overriding.

Kloxo 6.1.11 & 6.1.12 Upgrade Nightmare

CMDcentral's hosting servers are powered by LXLabs Kloxo which up until Saturday morning (1am) were stable.

LXLabs released a Kloxo update version (6.1.11) which had me waking up with ±200 email's about both of my servers apache which was failing to start.

Magento: Disabling Product Options in Product View


I'm sure there are many of you out there that are looking to show all of your available product options (configurable) regardless of their availability.

eg. If I had a small size in an item (T-shirt) which was available but no longer it, I would like to show it as disabled in the Size dropdown.

All you are required to do is make 3 small code changes to the magento core (unfortunately).


The following article is for Magento (current at the time)

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