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We create custom CMS websites that engage users into a branded fresh professional experience, while keeping the budgets, time frames and resources in check.


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For a cost effective once off CMS solution we recommend our Simple Package. With included hosting, theme and 7 content page initial setups


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Why use CoManD CMS?

If you plan to expand your business, and expect to add additional content-rich pages over a period of time, then having a CMS based website can be a huge advantage. As you can see, CMS can make the process of looking after your website very easy. Businesses that want to prosper should consider revamping their website with CMS, to give the latest information about their company to website visitors, and increase their brand value.

  • Less Work: For static websites, a single change to the design, content or menu bar would require the same change to be made repeatedly, over every page of the website. This would consume a great amount of time, effort and money. With CMS, you only have to make the change once. This change is reflected on all pages that would have needed to be worked upon.

  • Lower Costs: CMS based websites may initially cost more to design than static HTML ones, but they pay off in the long run. Since all modifications can be easily made by non-technical users like yourself, you'll save thousands of dollars you'd have otherwise spent on hiring a web design professional to make those repetitive page-wise changes for you.

  • Fewer Errors: With static websites, as you add more pages, you'll find it harder to keep track of page changes, sections, links and navigation. Missing links and other slip-ups may occur, which could put off potential customers. With CMS, your design and content is separate. When items on a menu bar are changed once, it automatically shows up on all pages.
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Standard Services

CoManD Simple

CoManD Simple is a perfect package for a business/individual that does not need to do constant updates. There is a once off payment and updates are quoted on per hour.

CoManD Managed

ComanD Managed is designed for clients that have small frequent content updates. This option saves you money by allowing you to do updates for a set price per month.

CoManD Managed PLUS

CoManD Managed for clients that have higher content updates, traffic and storage needs.


Pricing and Service Selection

  • Storage
  • Traffic
  • Custom Theme
  • Free Content Updates**
  • Initial Page Setup
  • Google Services Setup


R5999 + R199 / Month

  • 5GB
  • 10GB
  • 7

Managed plus

R7999+ R899 / month

  • 20GB
  • 50GB
  • 12

Free Content Update** - Please view our standard content retainer terms and conditions.

CMSContent Management System - The owner of the website can log in to a back end system to update the content of the site.

Basic Meaning

Static websites are primarily coded in HTML, and are stored on a web server in the same format that is sent to the client browser. When you click a link, the website displays the same information to all users. It is mainly used for small five-page websites or brochures, which plan to remain unchanged for long periods of time.

Content Management System based websites, on the other hand, have dynamic web pages that are generated in real-time. They are formed by piecing together certain chunks of code, procedures or routines, from a database. This platform is usually used for websites needing constant content updates, like news portals, retail stores and finance related websites.

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